Contact Information

kumarv at umkc dot edu
kumarvumkc at gmail dot com

Current Activities

  • Wood Working
  • Teaching Yogasan
  • Practicing Dharm

Biographical Sketch

I completed my master degree in Physics with specialization in Crystallography from Ranchi University, India. After my degree, I worked as a research scientist at National Metallurgical Laboratory, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). After a year of research, I moved to academics and joined Ranchi University as Physics lecturer (Assistant Professor), India. I worked there for a year and half and came to Cambridge University, England in 1972 to study Computer Science.

I joined University of Manchester, Manchester, England after finishing my study at Cambridge. I completed my M.Sc. degree in 1974 and joined International Computers Limited (ICL), England as a systems programmer. I worked there for 4 years and developed ICL's Transaction management software. My aim was to get my Ph.D. The company provided me financial support and at the end of 1979, I joined Southampton University, Southampton, England. I started working under the supervision of Dr. David Baron and Dr. Santosh Shrivastava.

I submitted my Ph.D. dissertation in December of 1982 and joined Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA as an assistant professor. I moved to the University of Massachusetts, Boston and from there I joined University of Missouri-Kansas City: My final destination.