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I completed my master degree in Physics with specialization in Crystallography from Ranchi University, India. After my degree, I worked as a research scientist at National Metallurgical Laboratory, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). After a year of research, I moved to academics and joined Ranchi University as Physics lecturer (Assistant Professor), India. I worked there for a year and half and came to Cambridge University, England in 1972 to study Computer Science leaving behind some happy and some unhappy family members and friends.

I joined University of Manchester, Manchester, England after finishing my study at Cambridge. I completed my M.Sc. degree in 1974 and joined International Computers Limited (ICL), England as a systems programmer. I worked there for 4 years and developed ICL's Transaction management software. My aim was to get my Ph.D. The company provided me financial support and at the end of 1979, I joined Southampton University, Southampton, England. I started working under the supervision of Dr. David Baron and Dr. Santosh Shrivastava.

I submitted my Ph.D. dissertation in December of 1982 and joined Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA as an assistant professor. I moved to the University of Massachusetts, Boston and from there I joined University of Missouri-Kansas City: My final destination.

In addition to teaching, research, and academic services, I enjoy woodworking. I build our household furniture in our workshop with some constructive help from our two children Krishna A. Kumar and Arjun N. Kumar. We are also good at framing pictures, paintings, etc., and my wife is very good in needle works, knitting, sowing, and in the art of contented living. I enjoy classical music and play a little bit of Tabla (an Indian drum). Krishna is a very good flutist and Arjun is an excellent drummer. Krishna graduated from UCLA and Arjun from St. Louise University. In Kansas City I teach Yogasan and its philosophy to a group of about 35 dedicated people. I also get invitations to give lecture on Vedic Dharma (Hindu Dharma-India never had religion and never will be). From Dharma any number of religions can be carved out. I believe that one should have and should develop many hobbies, which are essential to manage old age very happily and peacefully.