Human Balance and Ambulation Research Laboratory


For additional information, please see Dr. King’s Google Scholar page.

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Selected Publications

Dr. King is the director of UMKC’s Human Balance and Ambulation Research Laboratory (HBARL), whose mission is focused on the study of kinetic and kinematic features of human balance. The HBARL is affiliated with UMKC’s Human Motion Laboratory (HML), a separate facility housing experimental resources that is shared by multiple investigators.

Collaborators and Affiliated Faculty

Current Researchers

Gregory W. King, PhD

Safeer Siddicky

Kiran Gavini

Mary Okafor

Michael Dennis

Lab Alumni

Crystal Wolfe

Sierra Shipley, BSME

Chase Franklin, BSME

Audrey Barnard, BSME

Vicki Angelini, MSME

Adam Bruetsch, MSME

Darren Mullin, MSME

Grant Meyer

Negar Khalandi, BSME

Sai M. Malineni, MSME

Chaitanya K. Akula, MSME

Ghassan Dinn, BSME

Seth Powers, BSME

Interested in Research Opportunities?

Dr. King is currently recruiting undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students to work in his laboratory. If you would like to get involved in the interesting and exciting field of biomechanics, please see the opportunities page for more information and required qualifications.