Human Motion Laboratory


The Human Motion Laboratory (HML) is a fully equipped gait lab located next to the Human Balance and Ambulation Research Lab in Flarsheim Hall on UMKC's Volker campus.  The HML has the capability to simultaneously capture motion, ground reaction, and electromyographic data.  HML resources include:

  1. Vicon MX motion capture system with 7 MX-T40 cameras

  2. 4 AMTI OR6-6 force platforms with MSA-6 amplifiers

  3. Delsys Myomonitor IV 16-channel wireless electromyography system

  4. Basler GigE color digital reference video camera

  5. Biodex dynamometer

  6. Samsung 40-inch 1080p LCD monitor for visualization and subject feedback

  7. Vicon computer workstation with Intel Core 2 Quad processor

  8. Vicon Nexus integrated kinematic software package

  9. Vicon Polygon modeling software

  10. Vicon Motus video analysis software

The HML is a shared resource among four SCE researchers with a common interest in human motion.  Funding for HML equipment was provided by a National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation grant (CBET-0821459)