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Kropf's Voting Technology and Election Reform Unpublished Papers

Ballot Design and Unrecorded Votes in the 2002 Midterm Election (with David Kimball).

Early and Absentee Voting and Unrecorded Votes in the 2002 Midterm Election

Dogs and Dead People: Incremental Election Reform in Missouri. Forthcoming in Election Reform Politics and Policy, edited by Dan Palazzolo and James W. Ceaser.

Other papers may be found at:

 Knack, Stephen and Martha Kropf. 2003. "Roll Off at the Top of the Ballot:  Intentional Undervoting in American Presidential Elections." Politics & Policy 31(4): 575-594.

 Knack, Stephen and Martha Kropf. 2003. "Invalidated Ballots in the 1996 Presidential Election: A County-Level Analysis." Journal of Politics. 65(3): 881-897.

Knack, Stephen and Martha Kropf. 2002. "Who Uses Inferior Voting Technology?"PS: Political Science and Politics. September: 541-548.

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