Dr. Kelton's Biography

Stephanie Bell has a B.S. in Business Administration (Finance concentration) and a B.A. in Economics, both from California State University, Sacramento. After finishing her undergraduate degrees, she studied at Cambridge University, where she completed the M.Phil. in Economics, while on an Rotary Scholarship. She then spent a year at The Jerome Levy Economics Institute -- a public policy institute in upstate New York -- on a fellowship she won through Christ’s College, Cambridge.  While at The Levy Institute, she wrote a number of papers that became part of her Ph.D. dissertation, which she completed at the New School for Social Research. She is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Missouri, Kansas City and a Research Scholar at the Center for Full Employment and Price Stability (C-FEPS). Her book (edited with Edward J. Nell), The State, The Market, and the Euro: Metallism versus Chartalism in the Theory of Money, is available through Edward Elgar Press. She has published articles in the Journal of Economic Issues, the Cambridge Journal of Economics, the Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, the International Journal of Political Economy, the Review of Social Economy, and Challenge Magazine.  Her primary research interests include monetary theory, international economics, employment policy, social security, and European monetary integration.